To inspire our students, families, and community to succeed by unlocking their greatest potential.


Hogan Preparatory Academy is an organization of leaders, educators, and mentors working closely with families and the community to help students unlock their greatest potential. Hogan prepares them for college and career success by providing education, experience, and passion that equips them with a distinct competitive advantage.


The Hogan Preparatory Academy Board reaffirms its belief that every student regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, age, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation be given equal opportunity for educational development.

The Board recognizes the importance of providing each student with a school environment conducive to intellectual, emotional and social growth through participation in a full range of educational programs and activities. Board and staff commitments insure equal educational opportunities in course offerings, guidance and counseling, test procedures, extracurricular activities, discipline procedures and student support services.


Hogan Prep also focuses on developing our students’ character outside of academia. Our faculty, parents, and community strive to create an educational culture that helps students develop three attributes throughout their educational journey.

  • Passion - We begin building the passion of our students the moment they enter our doors. By the time they end the Hogan Journey, they’ll have a clear, personalized path to achievement laid out ahead of them.
  • Potential - We focus on helping our students achieve their greatest potential through education and exposure that sets them apart, with teachers and staff that are willing to go above and beyond coursework to support their students.
  • Excellence - We create a culture of support, positivity, and excellence. At Hogan, we recognize that every aspect of community, culture, and education is important in the development of a student.