Meet the Counseling Department

Meet the Counselors

Rickina Rand 

Middle School Counselor

Tina Richardson

High School Counselor 

9th & 10th Grade Counselor

Lisa Barner

High School Counselor

11th & 10th Grade Counselor

Arthur Seabury 

Social Worker

About the Department


In collaboration with all stakeholders, we will
meet the total needs of the scholar through
academic, career planning, social and
emotional development in preparation of their


We will provide a proactive approach to
intervening, supporting the whole child, and
implementing a comprehensive school
counseling program that promotes and
enhances student success. We believe the
services we provide will enable students to
focus on learning and academic achievement.


  • Support the district’s vision, mission, core beliefs, and board goals.
  • Counsel students to improve their academic achievement, college and career readiness skills, personal and social development.
  • Strengthen student and parent engagement.
  • Advocate and support students in the areas of diversity awareness, crisis intervention, trauma, and preventative services.

Missouri Comprehensive School Counseling Program

Our comprehensive school counseling program is composed of the following components:

  • School Counseling Curriculum: lessons presented to help students attain the desired Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) in the areas of social/emotional, academic and career development. The school counseling curriculum is systematically presented by school counselors in collaboration with teachers though K‐12 classroom lessons or other learning activities.
  • Individual Student Planning: ongoing systemic activities designed to assist students in establishing personal goals, transitioning through school and developing future plans.
  • Responsive Services: activities designed to meet the immediate needs and concerns of students. Responsive services may include brief counseling in individual settings, small‐group settings or crisis response.
  • System Support: includes the management and evaluation activities and services required to effectively support a district or building comprehensive school counseling program.

Reasons to see the Counselor

  • Stress/Worry/Anxiety
  • Problem-Solving/Decision-Making
  • Goal Setting
  • Bullying
  • Grief
  • Career Planning
  • Schedule
  • Social and Relationship Skills
  • Self-Esteem & Awareness
  • Self-Control

How to see the Counselor 

  • Fill out request form
  • Ask a teacher, adult, or parent
  • Send an email
  • Leave a note in the mailbox