Our Learning Model


OUR Instructional model unlocks our students' greatest potential

At Hogan Preparatory Academy our model of individualized instruction, multidisciplinary learning, and social-emotional development allows your child to discover, explore and activate their personal passions. Use of real world learning, career exploration, and a team-based approach gives your child the keys to his/her own success.


Hogan's Model of Instruction

The Hogan Instructional Model is based on Charlotte Danielson's Framework of Teaching and a set of core competencies that correlate with 21st century skills. These core competencies are embedded in authentic learning experiences that emphasize critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Hogan Prep students rely less on the learning of facts and more on applying the information they have learned, using it to create, and engaging in problem solving.

The Hogan Model of Instruction is a vision of instructional excellence, a roadmap for pursuing it, and a set of discrete practices that describe it. The model provides common language for instructional practice that helps our teachers understand great teaching and the nature of learning. It includes the following domains:

1. Planning and Preparation
2. Classroom Environment
3. Instruction
4. Professional Responsibilities
5. The Core Competencies


Success in Life

Hogan Prep focuses on two distinct goals for our students.
  • College or Career Ready - Our curriculum is designed to help students create a unique plan specific to their individual career goals, whether that’s continuing their education or heading out into the work world. Your child will have the opportunity to graduate from high school having already earned college credit or an industry recognized credential.
  • Ready for Life - Hogan Prep focuses on the development of the whole child, so that when students graduate, they possess tools to succeed in life. Skills such as self-reflection and self-motivation, critical thinking, the ability to express empathy and compassion, and the ability to work as a contributing team member help our students launch more effectively into adulthood.