Our Story & Our History


Hogan Prep is a part of Kansas City history!

Founded in 1942 and located in the heart of Kansas City, our High School was originally called Bishop Hogan. It was named after John Joseph Hogan, the first Bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City, Missouri.  Bishop Hogan operated as a private Catholic school until 1998. In 1999, Bishop Hogan became a public charter school and was renamed Hogan Preparatory Academy. It is one of the oldest charter schools in Missouri!  
While Hogan Prep initially served only high school students, our charter schools have grown to include grades K-12. Our middle school, grades 6-8, was introduced in 2011. And our elementary school, grades K-5, opened in 2013. Starting in 2019 Hogan Prep began partnering with Operation Breakthrough to provide Pre-K services for children planning to attend our elementary school.  
Today, Hogan Preparatory Academy serves approximately 1,000 students per year. We are a tuition-free charter school serving grades K-12 within the Kansas City Public School boundaries.  Hogan Prep is a Title I school with a 100% free and reduced meal program.  Every Hogan Prep student is a unique individual with talent, passion, and the power to reach their greatest potential. We champion success through a community and culture of support, using education as a chance to transform curiosity into the positive pursuit of passion. We celebrate individuality and develop the confidence and skills to lead a life of impact, leadership, and legacy. We push our students to Do Amazing.

Past, Present, and Future