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Raising Leaders and History-Makers

Hogan Preparatory Academy is fiercely focused on academics and helping our students use education to fulfill their dreams.

We are lucky to be with our students from Kindergarten all the way through the 12th grade. We are here to help them and watch them learn, grow, develop, and strive to the next level.


We’re dedicated to watching our students leave Hogan Preparatory Academy and head to college. We take many steps through their young academic years to meet their goals and help guide them to the future they dream of—and more importantly, deserve.

College Bound
Enrolled in AP Classes
Elementary teacher pointing at names on a marker board.

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Two Hogan Prep high school boys in a classroom setting with one student showing another student how to do something.
Elementary school student sticking her post-it note to the board after writing on it a fact about snakes.

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