Activities Philosophy

Extracurriculars give our students a chance to delve deeper into the myriad of dreams and ideas they can’t explore anywhere else. Hogan is committed to supporting every student in their extracurricular pursuits by giving them a space to explore competitive and non-competitive activities that help them turn their aspirations into advantages.


Activities and the Hogan Journey

Elementary School — Awareness 

Extracurriculars in Elementary School allow us to make our students aware of what opportunities Hogan can offer them that give them the chance to explore the subjects, activities, and performances that excite them outside of the classroom.

Elementary School Activities

Middle School — Exploration

In Middle School we push our students to get out of their comfort zones and explore the myriad of extracurriculars we offer. Here is where they truly begin to build connections between their in-school and out-of-school passions.

Middle School Activities

High School — Preparedness

In High School we show our students how their extracurricular passions can translate into their future. Competitions, performances, and real-world experiences are just a few ways our students prepare to turn their passions into pathways.

High School Activities