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Principal, K-5

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Principal, K-5
Hogan Preparatory Academy Elementary School
**Must apply online at http://hoganprep.tedk12.com/hire


The Principal is responsible for all aspects of the building which include but are not limited to: instruction, curriculum, staff supervision and evaluation, staff development, student discipline, record keeping, public relations and maintenance of building and grounds.


Organizes and monitors school planning process in which cooperative working relationships are necessitated in developing goals and objectives that are transferable to programmatic implementation.
Monitors curriculum development to assure the continued incorporation of the Project Based Learning Program into all subject areas feasible.
Assist in designing evaluation procedures to evaluate student progress in relation to instructional objectives consistent with Hogan Preparatory Academy’s curricular goals.
Uses evaluation findings and assessment information to make decisions to expand, revise or suspend curricular program.
Creates a “selective discontent” with certain areas of the educational program in order to initiate needed improvement in those areas.
Sets high standards of conduct and performance and monitors all facets of school life to ensure that all persons strive to meet these standards.
Make regular systematic and accurate appraisals of teachers’ instructional practices through scheduled and unscheduled classroom observations by monitoring and assessing teachers’ professional performance and by giving support when needed.
Establishes and supervises procedures for the security of school facilities and safety of all personnel and students.
Keeps parents and students informed of school and state goals, policies and activities.
Ensures that parents are provided with regular reports of their child’s progress.
Establishes and maintains a harmonious cultural environment.
Assists with student and teacher recruitment.
Keep accurate attendance records.
Keep accurate personal records for all students including cumulative records, grades, attendance, etc.
Administer normal disciplinary measures in the school.
Keeps all staff advised of the disciplinary measures.
Keep records on all disciplinary measures taken.
Recommends to the Superintendent long-term suspensions and expulsions.
Supervises or causes to be supervised non-certified personnel including office manager, staff assistant, custodian and other support staff.
Makes recommendation to the Superintendent promotions, demotions, contract status, reemployment, terminations for all staff.
Keeps Superintendent, school community and public informed of the education program in the school.
Plans and implements staff development for all personnel.
Supervises or causes to be supervised all student activities and programs within the school.
Oversees the development of the master schedule and student schedules.
Attends UCM sponsor meetings and other charter school meetings and implements program suggestions and changes as needed.
Hold monthly meetings with instructional staff to keep them informed and advised of duties and changes. Provides weekly memos to staff.
Strives to create a climate of positive relations with and between all personnel in the school and between the school and home.
Constructs a workable handbook to include information of staff, schedules, school policies and other pertinent information.
Screens request for material and supplies to determine the relationship to the material to the program.
Create within the school a climate of freedom to allow staff members and students to develop and perform to the extent of their capabilities.
Approve all budgetary items.


Administer the lunch program at building level

Responsible for core data reporting at building level

Responsible for student transportation at building level

Develop and administer the annual budget at building level

Holds a Master’s degree in education administration (Education Specialist preferred)

Holds a valid Missouri Administrative Certification

Five years administration experience

Experience, training in leadership, staff supervision and student discipline

Knowledge of curriculum and principles of learning
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