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Part of Kansas City History
Hogan Preparatory High School was initially started in 1942 under the title Bishop Hogan, named after John Joseph Hogan, the first Bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City, Missouri. Bishop Hogan was a private catholic school located in the heart of Kansas City. In 1999, Bishop Hogan became a public charter school and was renamed Hogan Preparatory Academy.

Started strictly as a high school, Hogan Preparatory Academy has since blossomed into offering Kindergarten through 12th grade so that we can help make a difference throughout a student’s entire undergraduate career. Our middle school was introduced in 2011 and our elementary school started in 2013.

HPA Mission Statement
Hogan Preparatory Academy is a premier college prep district developing educated, compassionate, self-motivated leaders who prepare for lifelong career options and give back to their community.