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Board of Directors

The Hogan Preparatory Academy School Board consists of six members.


The major functions of the School Board include:

  • Setting a vision for the school system;
  • Establishing standards for performance;
  • Ensuring high quality assessment;
  • Embracing accountability for student outcomes;
  • Aligning system resources to promote student achievement;
  • Creating effective school climate and culture;
  • Developing collaborative relationships; and
  • Working toward continuous improvement.


The Board hires the superintendent and delegates to him or her the authority and responsibility to administer school district operations. The superintendent serves as an ex officio member of the Board.


School Board Members 

Mr. Matt Samson - President

Ms. Lynne Beavers - Director 

Ms. Robin Carlson - Director

Mr. David Collier - Director

Mr. Albert Ray - Director

Dr. Mary Viveros - Director

Dr. Jayson Strickland – Superintendent (ex officio)