Athletic Philosophy

Athletics give students a chance to translate skills in leadership, responsibility, self-discipline, and determination to life both on and off the field. Our student athletes capitalize on philosophies of sportsmanship and community to become high-performing scholars, healthy community members, and supportive classmates.


Athletics and the Hogan Journey

Elementary School — Awareness 

We bring awareness of Hogan’s athletic opportunities to Elementary School students through classes like PE, where they can begin getting an idea of how athletics can help them develop their sense of passion and responsibility.

Middle School — Exploration

Middle School is when our students can begin truly exploring all the athletic opportunities Hogan offers. This gives them a chance to find a sport that not only teaches leadership and teamwork, but also engages their passion.

Middle School Athletics

High School — Preparedness

In High School we focus on polishing the skills our students can integrate into their futures. Leadership, teamwork, self-discipline, responsibility, and
passion become the launchpoint of our students’ achievement.

High School Athletics