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Hogan Prep believes that we, as a community of students, families, and educators, create the best version of our school when we do everything in our power to support our students’ learning. No matter the circumstances, Hogan is committed to that goal. We have adopted and currently take part in a number of programs to support students of all backgrounds. Check out our other pages under Family Resources for more information on those programs, or read below to see how you can get involved directly with supporting our students!

Get Involved!

At Hogan Prep, we welcome the involvement of our student families and community!  Unfortunately, our buildings are currently closed due to COVID-19.  We will be starting the school year using a virtual learning model and limiting the number of visitors in order to maintain the safety of our staff.  

As the situation changes, we will be posting volunteer opportunities here.  Please check back!  

Post COVID-19

At Hogan Prep, we welcome the involvement of our student families and community!  We appreciate your willingness to help support our students and their learning.  It reinforces the value we all place on the importance of education.

For our students to truly be given the opportunity to discover their greatest potentials, we need to ensure we can provide them with every chance possible to explore their passions and continue to engage their academic and extracurricular interests in and out of the classroom. Involving everyone in our students’ journey to discover their passions increases our ability to support them on their journey! 

If you are interested in volunteering at a Hogan Prep school, please contact Elisa Harrison at  Thank you for your interest in helping our students succeed!