Elementary School




Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade

At Hogan Prep, self-determination and self-awareness is a lifelong process that begins in the primary grades. Students develop a strong academic foundation, leadership capacity, and become aware of the various career paths available to them. Personalization of learning is tailored to each student when we work with them to develop their Individual Plan of Study.   

A Focus Towards Awareness

Interest Survey
Guest Speakers
Career Oriented Field Trips


Students graduate elementary school with

A Groundwork in Social-Emotional Life Skills
A Foundation in Good Academic Practice
Awareness of Their Passions


Hogan Preparatory Academy is one of the premier elementary schools in the Kansas City, Missouri area, offering class sizes of no more than 22 students.

Our primary focus at the Elementary level is providing our kids with the basic and essential tools to prepare them to use their education to further their lives and achieve their dreams.

Many see the elementary years as the most important years of a lasting education. Although the learning starts with simple letters and numbers, our kids are also learning lessons at this age that will form how they react to the world for the rest of their lives—including how they relate with others, how to make good decisions and how to focus on their future. Choosing a good elementary education can be one of the most important decisions you make as a parent.

We are a tuition-free public school

As a public charter school, Hogan Preparatory Academy (HPA) is free and open to all students residing within the district boundaries of the Kansas City Public Schools. As a public charter school,  HPA cannot selectively admit students based on academic aptitude, race, ethnicity, income level, special education needs, prior school record, or almost any other personal characteristic. The school will admit students until its enrollment threshold is met. In the event there are more applications than seats, the school will use a lottery process to give every applicant an equal chance of admission.
Hogan Preparatory Academy is a premier college prep charter school developing educated, compassionate, self-motivated leaders who prepare for lifelong career options and give back to their community.