High School



9th through 12th grade

At the high school level, we help Hogan students refine their personalized plan of study and unlock their greatest potential.

This educational experience exposes students to ambitious instruction and multiple career and college pathways such as Health & Human Services, Business, Finance & Marketing, Architecture & Construction, and Engineering. Students also have the opportunity to earn a micro credential in a leadership program.  


A FOCUS TOWARDS Preparation 

College Courses 
Work Credentials


STUDENTS GRADUATE High SCHOOL WITH A Personal Competitive Advantage

College Credit Hours
Work//Internship Experiences
Industry Recognized Credentials
Entrepreneurial Experiences 
A Deep Understanding of their Interests


We are a tuition-free public school

As a public charter school, Hogan Preparatory Academy (HPA) is free and open to all students residing within the district boundaries of the Kansas City Public Schools. As a public charter school,  HPA cannot selectively admit students based on academic aptitude, race, ethnicity, income level, special education needs, prior school record, or almost any other personal characteristic. The school will admit students until its enrollment threshold is met. In the event there are more applications than seats, the school will use a lottery process to give every applicant an equal chance of admission.
Hogan Preparatory Academy is a premier college prep charter school developing educated, compassionate, self-motivated leaders who prepare for lifelong career options and give back to their community.